Files have gained a very important part of our professional life. It is hardly possible to find an organization without saving their business information in the form of files.  Not only files have gained a lot of importance in our professional life. They are equally important in our personal life as well. No matter it is a document, picture, video and audio files, they are generally saved in a storage device.

Let us start a short introduction about storage device. Initially, you had storage device such as hard drives which basically was of heavy in size. However, this device could be used support the storage on a large scale. As the time passed there was a lot of improvement in the technologies. Chip like storage devices were introduced such as memory card, memory stick and USB. The memory stick was one of the popular devices among all the existing portable storage device. It was introduced by Sony Corporation and basically was used on Sony Digital cameras for storing pictures and videos. Although, Sony memory stick can lose files quite easily. Losing your file without even having a backup can be really frustrating. But with the use of recovery software all your frustrations can be solved easily. Check regarding how to recover files from Sony memory stick.

A virus is a harmful program which when induced inside a computer system can cause a data disaster. They basically take the entry into the system either by the use of internet or through a connected device which is being infected by malware. Sometimes these programs can infect your Sony memory stick by taking the charge and cause loss of files from it. Hence, it is recommended to use an efficient antivirus software to scan the device before the virus infects your device

Every operating system recommends the use of “Safely Remove Hardware” when you eject a connected external device like memory stick from the computer. However, most of them fail to follow this rule and end up in corrupting the memory stick. This can result in the loss of the enormous amount of data, since you will not be well prepared with a backup

If you have lost files from any one of these reasons, then make use of Sony Memory Stick File Rescue software to recover files from Sony memory stick with ease.

Sony Memory Stick File Rescue is one of the eminent software that has the capability of recovering the files of all forms. This software is highly efficient enough to perform Sony memory stick file recovery for category of files such as animations, pictures, visual movies, audio files and many more. It can perform data recovery on Sony memory stick Pro Duo,  Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Duo and so on types. On finishing the file rescue process, you will be provided with a preview option to view the file. With the help of this recovery utility you can various types of files including videos, photos and audio files in a very easiest way. To know how to recover videos from Sony memory stick click here:

You can also make use of “Save Recovery Session” option to save the current scan session for future use. Sony Memory Stick File Rescue software can be used to recover files from Sony memory stick after format without any modification in files. For more info check the given link. One is also given a choice to restore the recovered files to any location on his system using Sony Memory Stick File Rescue tool after Sony memory stick file retrieval.

Follow the simple steps to perfrom Sony memory stick file retrieval:-

Step 1: First, download and install the Sony Memory Stick File Rescue software on your computer. Double click on the icon and execute the tool to perform Sony memory stick file recovery. From the first screen select "Recover Photos" option

Sony Memory Stick File Rescue - Home Screen

Fig 1: Main Page

Step 2: Now place the mouse on the screen and select either "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" based on the data loss scenario. Next, select the Sony Memory stick drive that you have connected to the system for Sony memory stick file retrieval

Sony Memory Stick File Rescue - Select Drive

Fig 2: Select Drive for Sony Memory Card File Rescue

Step 3: The software scans your drive and recovers the file needed. After completion of sony memory stick file recovery, select the required file and preview it. Now save it to a required location

Sony Memory Stick File Rescue - View Recovered File

Fig 3: Preview Restored File Screen

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