Formatting is one of the best feature that is provided for drives. With formatting many of your task is made much easier, to mention some are installing OS, reformatting etc.  Formatting refers to the term of clearing all the data from the drive in just one click.  When a drive is formatted the entire data from it is erased and a file system is assigned to the drive. Although this seems to be helpful, this option can prove to be an absolute data disaster at certain times.

During certain user operation or task a user can click on format option accidentally causing a huge amount of data loss. Since this incident is unpredictable, there are less chances for users to be prepared with the backup. Some users blindly believe that nothing wrong can happen with their drive and end up in such data loss situations. In order to help such users we have recovery tools that can regain your files. But choosing the right one is a challenging task. This article makes you task easier by introducing the best tool called Memory Stick File Recovery that can help in retrieving data from formatted Memory Stick. Before we discuss more about this software and how to restore data from formatted memory stick, let us take a walk through the events that cause the loss of files

Facts the lead to the deletion of files from Sony Memory Stick:

Accidental formatting:  A Sony memory stick generally contains large amount of data if it used often. User can connect them to the system in order to copy files. Unfortunately sometimes users end up choosing a format option on the drive, while they are intending to select some other option. Then, for retrieving data from formatted memory stick, you should use this application immediately.

Severe Malware attacks:  Virus is the infectious program that one never wish to have in his system. But however hard you try you cannot avoid its entry to your memory stick. These take charge of the files stored on the system and destroy the file system, making the files or drive to be inaccessible. In this situation there is no other option for you than formatting the memory card.  Thus, resulting in the huge loss of files.

Format Error:  This one of the common errors usually you encounter with a portable device such as a memory stick. When a memory stick is connected and accessed on your computer, generally the computers prompts a format error if there is any file system damage or any other sort of problem. During this the last option left over to make the device accessible, is to format it. Then this application will be most suitable for formatted memory stick recovery.

Memory Stick File Recovery is well known recovery software which is popular for its best user friendly interface and simplicity of use to retrieve data from Sony memory stick. You can rely on this software without any worries to restore deleted images from Sony Memory stick. Apart from pictures, this software can be used to recover videos, animations, graphics, music files and many more.  Whatsoever might be the amount of data loss, you can effortlessly use this software to restore the data

This tool offers a preview option that can be used to view the content of the recovered file in retrieving data from formatted memory stick. You also have the demo version, which you can download on your system for formatted memory stick recovery. The file retrieved by this software can be saved to any valid location accessible to the host operating system. This tool also retrieves files from different types of memory stick, say for example Duo, Pro Duo and so on. Explore More regarding Pro Duo Memory Stick Recovery in the given link. Apart from formatted memory stick recovery, you can also use this application to retrieve data from Sony memory stick after corruption or damage. You can perform this formatted memory stick recovery operaion in both Windows and Mac computers.

Steps for retrieving data from formatted memory stick:-

Step 1: Download and install the utility on your system in order to restore data from formatted memory stick. Attach your Sony Memory Stick the your computer. Click on the icon and execute the software. Select "Recover Photos" from the main screen for retrieving data from formatted Memory Stick

Retrieving Data from Formatted Memory Stick- Main  Screen

Fig 1: Main Page

Step 2: On the new screen displayed select "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" to recover data from formatted memory stick. Now, select the Sony memory stick from the list and proceed by clicking "Next"

Retrieving Data from Formatted Memory Stick- Select Mode of Recovery

Fig 2: Select Deleted or Lost Photos Screen

Step 3: From the list of recovered files select the required files by previewing it and restore the drive

Retrieving Data from Formatted Memory Stick- Preview File Screen

Fig 3: View Recovered Files

Step 4: After selecting save the files on any location accessible to the host system

Retrieving Data from Formatted Memory Stick- Save File

Fig 4: Save Recovered Files

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